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Company Overview

Cirrus Logic is a leading supplier of low-power, high-precision mixed-signal processing solutions for mobile applications including smartphones, wearables, tablets, digital headsets, as well as other segments such as consumer, smart home and automotive. The company has a strong intellectual property portfolio with over 3,530 pending and issued patents worldwide. These patents have driven the development of a wide range of components for industry leading global brands that differentiate their products, in part, through our innovative custom, semi-custom and general-market ICs.

With a robust portfolio of sophisticated low-power products including smart codecs, DSP’s, closed-loop controllers, haptic driver and sensing solutions and boosted amplifiers, that are coupled with the essential tools, software and associated algorithms, Cirrus Logic is well positioned to drive innovation and growth in the evolving markets for audio, voice and other signal processing technologies.

Founded in 1984, Cirrus Logic was a pioneer of the “fabless” semiconductor model. In the early 1990’s Cirrus Logic acquired Crystal Semiconductor, a supplier of analog and mixed-signal converter ICs, and became a leading supplier of PC graphics chips, audio converters and chips for magnetic storage products.

Over the last decade, the company has focused on developing highly innovative custom, semi-custom and general-market ICs for the world’s leading consumer OEMs. With the acquisition Wolfson Microelectronics in August 2014 and several smaller technology companies, Cirrus Logic broadened its footprint in audio and accelerated key investments in compelling voice technology. Today, with a well-established audio, voice and haptics business, the company is expanding into adjacent mixed-signal markets that are expected to drive growth opportunities in the coming years.

Cirrus Logic Today and Tomorrow

The desire to deliver a compelling user experience is becoming increasingly important in today’s connected world and Cirrus Logic is uniquely positioned as a leading supplier of audio, voice and other signal-processing components – including smart codecs, DSP’s, closed-loop controllers, haptic driver and sensing solutions, and boosted amplifiers. The company also develops highly sophisticated embedded software and the associated algorithms that help customers to differentiate their products by enabling cutting-edge audio features, such as always-on voice recognition, noise reduction, echo cancellation, voice enhancement and high-performance boosted audio amplification. The combination of Cirrus Logic’s best-in-class hardware with complex software algorithms is a compelling value proposition for our customers.

Portable Products

Cirrus Logic’s ultra-low-power smart codecs, closed-loop controllers, boosted amplifiers and haptic drivers are used in a variety of portable applications including smartphones, tablets, wearables, and digital headsets. The company is uniquely suited to address the increasing demand for audio, voice other signal-processing components as OEMs strive to differentiate their products with features and functions that enable a compelling and consistent user experience. With products that incorporate ultra-low-power with smaller, smarter and more complex signal processing, Cirrus Logic is a premier supplier in the portable audio, voice and other adjacent mixed-signal markets.

Non-Portable and Other Products

Cirrus Logic provides a wide range of products for the non-mobile consumer, smart home, automotive, energy and industrial markets. Within non-mobile consumer and automotive, the company’s ICs are utilized in such applications as home theater systems, laptops, automotive entertainment systems, musical instruments, and satellite radio systems. Building upon its mixed-signal design expertise, Cirrus Logic’s industrial products are also used in applications that contribute to lower energy consumption, such as digital utility meters.

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