Stock Quote: NASD

Last Price: 80.46

Change: -1.23 (-1.5%)

Open: 81.52

Previous Close: 81.68

Oct 22, 2021 03:27 PM Pricing delayed 20 minutes

Jo-Dee M. Benson

Jo-Dee M. Benson, Vice President and Chief Culture Officer

Jo-Dee Benson serves as the leader of Cirrus Logic’s Corporate Communications and Human Resources organization. In her combined roles, Ms. Benson oversees Cirrus Logic’s external marketing communications functions, such as brand management, public relations and Web-based marketing, as well as Cirrus Logic’s Human Resources programs for alignment of strategic corporate business programs with employee development and services. Ms. Benson joined Cirrus Logic in 1995 as director of Marketing Communications and has 20 years of industry experience in leading successful integrated communications programs. Prior to joining Cirrus Logic, Ms. Benson served as vice president of Marketing Communications with Vectris Telecom. Ms. Benson has also served such other companies as Genlyte, Inc., Peyton & Associates public relations firm, and St. Mary’s Hospital Medical Center in Madison, Wis. Ms. Benson obtained a bachelor of science degree from the University of Wisconsin at Madison.

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